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S.E.H Kelly hopsack overshirt

January 27, 2016

Another absolute beauty of a garment from the good ship S.E.H Kelly. This is their take on the overshirt and it comes resplendent in a marine blue cotton-linen hopsack cloth. It’s a great looking piece, devoid of fuss but full of detail – just as good clothing should be.







In addition to the East Lancashire hopsack, the shirt also has a lightweight cotton lining from the same region and the brand’s trademark Midlands-sourced horn buttons. Those buttons total six on the fly-front, with only the top button left visible. The exterior also features a trio of welt pockets – two large lower pockets and a small one on the chest.

The raglan sleeves finish with blouson-style cuffs, again fastened with real horn buttons and the shirt is finished with a beautifully shaped collar – again something of a brand trademark, as nobody else makes a collar quite as handsome (if a collar can be such a thing). For more information on the brand, and to buy from their online shop, go to the website here: S.E.H Kelly.

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