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Mamnick stainless steel knives

January 26, 2016

Knives. Not something I’ve featured on the blog before but these are more than worthy of a write up. They sit as part of Mamnick’s stainless steel products and both are made and constructed in Sheffield. There are two versions – the everyday double-knife and the Yomping knife.












The double-knife is now on its second edition and comes in a brushed, stainless steel body that’s laser etched and individually numbered. It features a taper ground Drop-Point blade and a combined bottle-opener / screwdriver tool which locks into position for extra safety. A split ring allows the knife to be fastened to a keyring for ease of carrying, although it’s compact enough to fit in a pocket.

The Yomping knife is a brand new product and although it shares a brushed and laser etched steel body (this time with exposed rivets), is more feature-laden, having been based on a three-piece army clasp knife. These features include a stainless steel Sheepfoot blade for heavy-duty cutting, a can opener and a marline spike tool for rope work. The handle has an integrated screwdriver and is also fitted with a shackle to allow for attachment to a lanyard or keyring.

Both are very limited in numbers, with 50 double-knives and only 20 Yomping knives having been produced. For more information on the brand and to buy online, go to the website here: Mamnick.

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