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The blog is six

January 4, 2016

Six years. I never thought it would last that long when I started the blog on January 5th 2010, but I’m impressed that I’ve managed to keep it going. During that time plenty of other blogs have come and gone, or morphed into different things, but even though the posting round here has become more sporadic, I’ve always tried to keep Lineage of Influence as I originally saw it – the hobby of someone who spends way too much time thinking about clothes.

Since I began I’ve got married, become father to two brilliant daughters and managed to further my career (well I took a creative director job that in hindsight I shouldn’t have done, but I quit and it’s fine now). All of which has had a huge impact on the blog and how much time I spent on it over the last few years. But I hope that 2016 will allow me to dedicate more time to the blog and see a more concerted effort to post more regularly – potentially a couple of times a week, maybe more, but hopefully no less.

I’m also going to try and do more of the things I used to on here – interviews with designers and visits to studios, shops and trade fairs (family time and work permitting), we’ll see how that pans out…

Finally a huge thanks to everyone who continues to read and support the blog, cheers.

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  1. Ceri permalink
    January 9, 2016 5:47 pm

    Thank you, it’s a great blog you’ve created, love it!

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