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Atelier Tossijn – WARDROBE

November 23, 2015

If you’ve been reading the blog for a few years, you may remember me featuring a label called MOOS. Run by Koen Tossijn, the label produced stunning bespoke made jeans and other items like small runs of T-shirts, sweatshirts and shorts. Now Koen has moved on a step and set up Atelier Tossijn which is producing its own line, WARDROBE.


AtelierTossijn-JEANS 2

AtelierTossijn-CAP 1

AtelierTossijn-CAP 2

AtelierTossijn-JACKET 2

AtelierTossijn-JACKET 3

AtelierTossijn-JACKET 4

AtelierTossijn-JACKET 5

AtelierTossijn-JEANS 3

AtelierTossijn-SWEATER 1

AtelierTossijn-SWEATER 2

AtelierTossijn-SWEATER 3

AtelierTossijn-SWEATER 4

This new range was born as an alternative for the typical, seasonal approach traditional fashion takes. So instead of an ever-changing new collection, Atelier Tossijn aims to create a steady stream of everyday essential pieces that transcend the seasons. Garments designed to their most essential form, from only the best materials available.

The range is an evolving one which currently consists of four pieces (items 3, 7, 8 and 12) – a pair of trousers, a jumper a jacket and a cap. Starting with the jacket, its constructed from a 10oz yarn-dyed black selvage twill, made of US cotton and woven at the Kuroki mill in Japan. The same fabric is used on the trousers and both items are made-to-measure, being produced in-house on a single thread machine. The process for each item takes two to four weeks and encompasses a measuring session, fitting and then final completion.

The jumper is a particularly beautiful piece of knitwear, made from merino wool from Loro Piana and knitted in Italy. It comes in a shade of blue so dark it’s nearly black. The cap finishes off the initial range and is made from a wool/cashmere blend from Loro Piana and is made in England, in collaboration with James Lock & Co.

Finally, the jeans that started all of this are still available and made from a 14oz selvage made of US cotton, dyed with natural indigo and woven at Kuroki in Japan. As with the other items here, each pair is also made-to-measure and produced in-house on a single thread machine.

For more information on the new range and their bespoke denim service, go to the website here: Atelier Tossijn.

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