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April 29, 2015

One of Cliff’s finest moments if you ask me… But this post isn’t about that. It’s actually about a pair of headphones. But no ordinary pair of headphones. These are a pair of Sony MRD-1A high resolution headphones. Now this is the point where I admit that my hearing is a disaster, as years of both attending and playing gigs has left my ears less than perfect. BUT when used with one of their HR walkmans even I can hear the difference when I listen to music through these.






The High-Resolution bit comes from the headphones having an extended frequency range up to 100kHz, giving everything more definition at a range that’s much higher than a standard CD recording. The technical bits include a 40mm HD driver with an aluminium-coated liquid crystal polymer (LCP) diaphragm – said to give a more consistent and precise sound across the entire frequency range than a conventional LCP driver. In addition, they’re also equipped with a Beat Response Control, which helps to reduces heavy bass distortion.

The build quality of the headphones is equally impressive – high quality plastics and textured finish metals are put together perfectly. Comfort comes from the soft leather headband and ear pads, which themselves are ergonomicly 3D designed to keep the music in and minimise outside noise. As said they’re High-Resolution Audio compatible but they’re also a vast improvement over the in-ear headphones I’ve been using for years. So even when using my most ubiquitous of portable music devices, I’ve gained a huge improvement in sound quality and also enjoyment of music. Thanks Sony, these are ace.

For more information on any of Sony’s High-Resolution audio products, go to the website here: SONY.


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    April 29, 2015 2:01 pm

    Just when I needed new headphones

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