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Inverallan for The Mandon Store

October 9, 2013

A European exclusive to The Mandon Store is this, Inverallan’s 6a cardigan, a piece of knitwear rich in traditional patterns and made from the finest heavy gauge Yorkshire wool. Inverallan are one of the last remaining Arran cottage industry knitters left in the UK and producers of some superb knitwear.

inverallan berry 001Spring bits 001Spring bits 017Spring bits 009 inverallan berry 004

Spring bits 005

Spring bits 013

Spring bits 016

Spring bits 021

Originally set up by a consortium of Fisherman’s wives who initially made knitwear purely for their husbands, the company has been producing premium knitwear for the fishermen of Arran for generations, which is done by utilising the Scottish tradition of home knitting. Each one of these cardigans takes around 40 hours of hand-knitting to craft into its final form, all done by a single person.

Although based on age-old patterns from the Inverallan archives, this latest iteration of the 6a has been adjusted to Mandon’s specification and create a more contemporary fit whilst keeping the classic cable knit and featuring a shawl collar, front pockets and wooden buttons.

If you fancy a piece of Inverallan’s beautiful knitwear visit the website here: Inverallan for The Mandon Store.

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