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Jean Machine x Missoni

October 1, 2013

UK contemporary denim label, Jean Machine has teamed up with Missoni, the iconic Italian fashion house to produce a pair of collaborative pieces for Autumn/Winter 2013. With both businesses being family run and specialists within their product categories, the coming together of these two labels was a natural fit and one that’s produced some great results.

JM2 Straigh One Wash (Front) - Low Res

JM2 Straigh One Wash (Back) - Low Res

JM4 Jacket One Wash (Back) - Low Res

JM4 Jacket One Wash (Front) - Low Res

JM4 Jacket One Wash (Opened) - Low Res

JM4 Jacket One Wash (Opened2) - Low Res

JM and Missoni Sleeveless Jacket - Low Res

The collaboration starts with Jean Machine’s signature JM2 straight leg jean. This comes in a single rinse denim to help soften the jeans up, whilst still keeping the denim dark. The Missoni part of the equation is kept understated with knitted pockets in the season’s blue-camel colour pallet and a simple zig-zag rear patch.

The second piece is the classic JM4 jacket, which on the outside retains the simplicity of the original item. The inside however has been reworked to include a button out detachable felted wool waistcoat, again in a coordinating blue-camel Missoni zigzag knit. Together they offer an understated collaboration that’s perfectly in keeping with the ethos’ of the respective companies.

These pieces are available to buy now, so for more information, or to buy online, go to the website here: Jean Machine x Missoni.

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  1. October 1, 2013 8:13 am

    When I first heard about this collection I really wasn’t sure but I hadn’t pictured understated. The lining jacket is especially appealing.

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