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Mr Black Garment Essential denim care

January 18, 2013

If like me you’re not one for washing your jeans much then you’ve probably got your own methods for trying to keep them as fresh as possible without succumbing to the washing machine. I’ve always chucked mine in the freezer when they need freshening up and wash them in the bath as and when it’s needed. Which brings me on to products that have been specially created to take care of your beloved raw denim.


Australian company Mr. Black have two products out that do exactly that – their Denim Refresh is an all-in-one product designed to clean and refresh and also prevents stains from settling in your denim. It also breaks down the oils, surface dirt and bacteria that causes the odours in the first place, thus extending the time between washing or dry-cleaning.

If you actually want to wash your jeans, then their unique enzyme free Denim Wash is specifically formulated to clean and help maintain the original color intensity of raw denim. This highly concentrated denim soft wash is said to offer unsurpassed cleaning action whilst minimising fading, shrinkage or stretching.

UK stockists include Liberty and Selfridges. For more information on the company and how their products work, go to their website here: Mr. Black Garment Essentials.

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