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London Collections: Men – Nutters of Savile Row x Peter Werth

January 11, 2013

The show that brought an end to the second London Collections: Men was the collaboration between Nutters of Savile Row x Peter Werth. Held at Café de Paris it was a vibrant affair that threw up more than a few surprises.







This colaboration was initiated by the wardrobe design and production work undertaken independently by Nutters and Peter Werth for the upcoming film, “Northern Soul”. So it was only fitting that the show also reflected this – with not only models but also Northern soul dancers on the catwalk (to much surprise and applause as they spontaneously broke into dance).

The collection itself predominately focussed on tailoring, with a strong silhouette that employed the trademark Nutters features of large lapels, roped shoulder and wide legged trousers. Fabrics were soft and unstructured, using jersey knits for blazers and shirts as a nod to Peter Werth’s background as a knitwear manufacturer.

The knitwear on display payed homage to Savile Row and incorporating overscaled Prince of Wales, houndstooth and windowpane check designs. Outerwear had plenty of detailing and looked impeccably cut, as did everything else on display. I don’t know what I was expecting from this show but it was frankly brilliant.

For more information on Nutters of Savile Row go here, and for Peter Werth go here.

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