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Innocent Smoothies – The Big Knit

November 26, 2012

As you may or may not know, each year just as Winter starts, Innocent Smoothies do their ‘Big Knit’. It’s a simple idea – get people to knit little wooly hats that fit on top of their smoothie bottles, sell them in Sainsbury’s across the country and give a portion of the money raised to Age UK, to help the elderly stay warm and well during the cold months.



Over the past nine years they’ve raised over £1 million and this year they’ve asked me to get involved and design a hat, which I was more than happy to do (it’s for charidee, how could I say no). They made me both a small and full size one (but the nipper has staked her claim to the big one already, so I don’t think I’ll be seeing it again), so above is my effort in tiny hat form.

As a bonus they’ve also kindly given me £10 in Innocent vouchers to give away on the blog, so if you like a smoothie (or juice, or anything else the guys make), stick your name in the comments section below and I’ll pull the winner out of a (wooly) hat in a couple of weeks time.

To find out more about this year’s Big Knit, and to see how you can be a part of it, go to the website here: Innocent.

11 Comments leave one →
  1. James permalink
    November 26, 2012 8:50 am

    I’ll happily start this off!

    • James permalink
      November 26, 2012 8:50 am

      Nice hat by the way.

  2. Smartypants123 permalink
    November 26, 2012 9:08 am

    I’m too Northern to turn down a free tenner in juices.

  3. November 26, 2012 10:02 am

    A good cause and I’d be happy to help by getting something for free!

  4. November 26, 2012 10:19 am

    quailtyyyyyyy. nice to get involved. i’ll enter

  5. Jules permalink
    November 26, 2012 12:04 pm

    I’m in!

  6. Jonny Briggs permalink
    November 26, 2012 1:19 pm

    Aye, nice thing to do fella. Hat looks boss, must have been a bugger to knit. Shame that navy square runs into the rib though, guess there’s nowt you can do with a tiny hat.

    • antony carubia permalink
      November 26, 2012 7:51 pm

      i love a smoothie!

  7. Ben permalink
    November 27, 2012 11:20 pm

    Love a smoothie

  8. Rob permalink
    November 28, 2012 12:34 pm

    Oooh, freebies!

  9. James Oggan permalink
    December 4, 2012 11:58 am

    Count me in!

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