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Jacket Required Three – part two

July 19, 2012

So then, another day, another Jacket Required roundup. This is the final part of my show report, if there’s any brands you were expecting to see but don’t then my apologies – my camera battery died after about three hours when I’d only got half way through what I wanted to see and photograph.

So let’s begin with Vanishing Elephant, another favourite of mine. A nice surprise on the day was that Huw from the brand was there to talk me through their large, diverse collection, which contained everything from the trademark embroidery the label is known for (this time circular flags of the world), plus the prints and floral’s they use to such great effect. In addition to all of this were some lightweight knitted pieces, that great orange jacket in the first two images and a large range of socks, shoes and boots.

Suit had some nice pieces at the show with a couple of tidy jackets – there was a two tone yellow/green number with white cat eye buttons and rubberised drawcord ends and also some chambray lined lightweight waxes in a variety of colours. Elsewhere there were simple pastel colours and bold stripes aplenty on T-shirts.

Sweden’s Velour had a stand of typically understated clothing. They’d done the print thing in a more subtle manner, using a simple white flower printed onto chambray, plus checkerboard patterns and a smattering of stripes, Seersucker and small dots on shirts. In addition there were more tailored elements with a lovely herringbone twill blazer and a range of shirt styles.

Il Busseto seemed to have a pretty vast array of leather accessories on display with everything from wallets and coin purses, through to iPhone protectors and larger card holders. All come in myriad colours and continue to be a great choice for well made and well priced accessories. Under were another new label to me and one that makes great quality Men’s underwear (hence the name). They had everything from boxers and briefs, through to T-shirts and dressing gowns.

Another Australian label displaying their wares at the show was Rittenhouse. Stripes and polka dots meets cotton drill meets washed out denim, stripes and checks was order of the day on a stand that was full of great garments. My favourite pieces were their take on the field jacket (in navy or olive) and also the simple Breton style stripes in bright blue – nothing fancy, just solid well made basics.

The Universal Works stand was full of goodies – they had one of the nicest floral prints on show and in addition had a couple of great gingham shirts with either green or pink spots over-printed onto them (one of which also had a red gingham bottom section stitched on). There was also loads of tasty outerwear in some lovely colours and more basic items like sweatshirts. Best of all though was the simple, blue/white small checked seersucker jacket, a lovely piece.

Filson’s luggage line remains as solid as ever, with their heavyweight cotton canvas bags coming in a variety of sizes and colours, all with thick leather straps, high quality metal fittings and hard as nails build quality. Sanders are another label that continue to produce and build upon a great core range – present here were full brogues in either leather or suede, available in different colour and sole options, plus suede derby’s shod with crepe, and grained leather Oxfords sat on red brick soles.

Mark McNairy’s collaboration with Sanders was also on show and Mr McNairy himself was present, getting his photo taken by all and sundry throughout the morning. His range is huge with tons of styles to choose from, but the main ones you’ll no doubt be seeing more of are the grain leather with contrast welts, bright yellow patent chukkas and high, toe cap boots and powder pink Derby’s.

If you like a brand with heritage then Wolsey is for you. Established way back in 1755, this most quintessential of English brands (they have a Royal warrant you know) was showing here for the first time with a range that included some great loose knit jumpers with crew and shawl necks, simple jersey pieces and some well detailed outerwear.

Fracap’s boots need no introduction and you know that when you buy from them, you’re buying quality footwear. They had a few variations of their hiking boots at the show in either leather or suede, with a mix of lace types, all sat on chunky Vibram soles and all of which would stand you in good stead, putting up with years of punishment.

If you wanted big, bold, all over print then William Fox and Sons had exactly the thing for you. They’d embraced the loud but put it onto soft tailored blazers and shorts to great effect. There was subtlety in the mix too with a lovely dragonfly print and a smattering of herringbone and fine stripes. For those that want only a small splash of colour, bow ties and pocket squares also come in bold prints.

Shades of Grey continue to impress with their well thought out Menswear and had another excellent range here. As with most of the other brands there was plenty of prints here (like I said, print was everywhere), all of which I though were great and amongst my favourites of the show. Bold checks and stripes also featured on shirts and outerwear was a case of strong single colours on lightweight jackets, or fine vertical stripes that found themselves onto blazers and bombers.

And that little lot finishes off my Jacket Required coverage. Here’s looking forward to the next show.
For more information on the event and all of the labels in attendance, go to the website here: Jacket Required.

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  1. Jonny Briggs permalink
    July 19, 2012 9:59 am

    Excellent work lad, this and the first part. Not sure how I feel about all that fucking floral though. I’m not a fan, like most of the rest of whats on offer though.

  2. July 19, 2012 6:14 pm

    Cheers for the write up, Rob. I know have a pretty good idea of what to expect in the forthcoming…The yellow and pink coloured shirts and some of the more ‘louder’ prints will be left for braver folk than me to wear, but good to see brands taking a risk.

  3. July 19, 2012 10:42 pm

    excellent mate, just excellent. hard to actually single out which brand’s stuff i like best though. VE looks strong

  4. Rob permalink
    July 20, 2012 11:31 am

    The green jacket with polka dot lining looks superb.

  5. July 20, 2012 7:23 pm

    Loved vanishing elephant and shades of grey. Good choice of brand in fact – I think the print and colour palate in all of these brand were particularly strong actually and less ‘samey’ than some of the others I saw. Great coverage.


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