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Tender – Introducing Trestle Shop

June 15, 2012

The Trestle Shop is the latest project from William Kroll, who if you’re a regular reader, you’ll already know is the man behind excellent UK denim label Tender. In true Tender fashion, the name has a locomotive background, being taken from the great British railway trestle bridges of the 19th Century.

However, just as Tender’s name has more than one meaning, so the Trestle Shop will operate from the top of a trestle table, rather like a market stall or a spare parts bench in a locomotive repairs workshop. Its purpose is to sell specially-made items parallel to the main Tender Co. production.

These will including experimental and unconventional items, none of which will be available anywhere else. Product will only be available in very limited numbers (of which some may be totally unique items). Available products include Tender’s own line of pottery, drivers watch, hand-linked socks, printed bandanas and real horn items amongst many other things.

This strictly online shop has gone live this very day ans is up and running now. So to take a closer look at the product available and to get your hands on something very few (if any) others will have, go here: Trestle Shop.

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