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Outlier – Metakhaki cargo experiments‏

May 22, 2012

Right then, this is the week it starts to get hot in blighty and everyone gets their pasty legs out. So shorts are on the agenda and here for your consideration are a pair from technical specialists Outlier, with their experimental Metakhaki cargo shorts.

Made from their classic 60/30 fabric (which gives you full freedom of movement and durability), the production of these shorts has utilised some state-of-the art jet dying machines. These apply multiple dyes randomly onto fabric and with this the brand have created what they call a Jet Dyed Ombre.

For the first experiment they combined two colors that are both reffered to as khaki, but in reality are quite different. One is a flat tan the brand have developed as their warm weather beige/khaki color. The other is an Olive Drab modeled after the US Army’s classic WWII era OD No.3. Combined in a Jet Dyed Ombre the two colors produce what Outlier have dubbed Metakhaki.

The Cargos offer a degree of water resistance and are medium cut with an 8.5″ inseam. Features include A-framed interlapping cargo pockets for a streamlined look (which are linen lined) and tabbed belt loops. Available now from Outlier’s online shop, if you fancy a pair, go to the website here: Metakhaki cargo experiments‏.

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  1. Rob permalink
    May 22, 2012 11:40 am

    Can’t justify that price for 3 weeks worth of sun a year in Blighty!

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