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Hudson River Project

April 17, 2012

Here’s a look at the trailer for the the Hudson River Project, a new collaboration from Antony Crook and James Bowthorpe. Filming will commence this September and the film will also feature an original soundtrack from Glasgow’s Mogwai.

James Bowthorpe sums the project up thus: “The central idea is very simple: Build a boat from a city’s waste, take it to the source of the city’s river – the river without which the city would not exist – and row the boat back.”

The film will follow a man as he makes a boat from New York City’s waste, and takes it to the source of the Hudson River high in the Adirondack Mountains, at Lake Tear of the Clouds. He will then row the boat back to NYC, through wilderness, countryside, farms, towns and industry, all of which rely on the mighty river that flows past, all of which are threads of the river’s story.

Crook and Bowthorpe are making the film with support from crowd-funding website Kickstarter, where funding for the film is found from a large group of people investing a small amount each in return for exclusive rewards from the film. The campaign starts Tuesday 10th April and runs for 45 days.

For more information on the project, go to the website here: Hudson River Project.

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