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Paul Davis Autumn/Winter 2012 collection

February 24, 2012

Following on from the recent post on Berlin based Menswear designer Paul Davis’ Polaroids from Paris Fashion Week (find that here) comes a proper look at his collection for next Autumn/Winter. It’s inspired by the transition of influences via our increase in mobility and mixing of different cultures.

It’s a great collection – refined, beautifully tailored and perfectly detailed. The colour palette is a simple one of blue, grey, black and brown. It could even be considered somber but undoubtedly gives the important things like cut and finish the opportunity to stand out. And they don’t need anything to hide behind anyway, because everything in this collection is top notch.

The trench coats, Mackintoshes and wool Peacoats feature over sized collars/lapels, and to compliment this subtle shift in proportion there’s an asymmetry to some of the garments too – it’s touches like this that perfectly balance the traditional and contemporary in Davis’ collections. Tailored jackets are deconstructed but still retain their elegance and combined with the smart dress shirts give the entire collection a perfectly refined aesthetic.

The range of materials used throughout is of the best quality possible and have been sourced from around the world-  wool comes from the Austrian Alps, flannels from the mountainous Biella region of Italy, shirting from Switzerland and waxed cottons from our own shores.A huge amount of thought and effort has gone into this range and that without doubt shines through.

For more information on the label and to see the current collection, go to the website here: Paul Davis.

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