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John Lobb – Shoe Gazing

June 7, 2011

More factory aceness here, this isn’t mine though (more the pity) and comes from Nowness. The factory in question is John Lobb, the English shoemaker who’s shoes are worn by royalty and who are celebrating their 150th anniversary this year – it’s a lovely piece and one I thought I’d share here. If you’ve seen it before then my apologies, I’ve been somewhat busy this week!

No doubt almost as well known as the brand itself is the rigorous 190 step process that goes into making a single pair of their shoes. This is as labour intensive and complex as it sounds and it’s a process that lasts several weeks from the initial pattern cutting of the finest calf leather through to the end polish.

The label isn’t singularly regimented into just producing off the shelf footwear though and runs both a ‘By Request’ service (where customers can choose leather type/colour and sole options from any style in the current or archived ranges) and also a fully bespoke service for the gent that wants and can afford a pair of shoes fitted exactly to them in a specification of their choice.

The tradition of bespoke shoe making is one that Lobb started undertaking back in 1866 and has never stopped since. Nowadays the process takes place entirely in the company’s Paris atelier, where it involves some 40-50 hours of hand production by skilled craftsmen and can take over two months or more to complete a pair.

So no matter what type of shoe you buy from this most renowned of footwear labels you can be sure they’ve been produced with the care, attention and skill that others could only dream of. To read the original article and to see more images, go here: Nowness and for more information on the brand itself go to the website here: John Lobb.

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  1. alex permalink
    June 7, 2011 10:14 pm

    So you reposted this yet you wrote more than the original piece did. Cool if more people bothered doing it that way. Didn’t know they did a request service, I need some new Monks and it would be pretty awesome to get them custom made!

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