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More Tommy Ton

April 25, 2011

Following on from the post I did a while back on Tommy Ton’s shots from London fashion week, here’s some shots from another set. This time from Milan. I know that everyone looks at these anyway so it’s not exactly news but there’s loads in here that I like so I thought I’d whack a few up.

It’s the splashes of colour mixed in with greys and blues that I really like. It’s simple yet works brilliantly, plus it’s dead easy to do so not too far out of most bloke’s comfort zones. Navy blue plus yellow gloves, or navy chinos with bright blue socks and tan shoes. Again, simple yet ace. As I’m one for a bright pair of socks, I like the somber, somber, somber, whacked in the face with colour approach to things.

And as it’s Spring now (well more like Summer at the moment), it’s the time to leave the jacket in the wardrobe and start with the knitwear. There’s plenty of layering here, with the bloke in the red hat and the doubled up cardigans standing out. A couple of different knits over a T-shirt and you’re sorted.

Finally, I bloody love those Jil Sander Derby’s with the bright pink sole. I think they look pretty fucking ace to be honest and a great example of taking something that’s quite formal and making it fun. There’s also a blue soled version if you think the pink’s a bit much, plus a full blue and a full orange version if you’re a bit more adventurous. No doubt there’s other colours in the range too.

To look at more images from this and any other sets, go here: Tommy Ton for GQ.

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