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An Interview with Fallow Denim

April 13, 2011

Here’s an short but sweet interview with Bronagh and Martin from new UK denim Brand Fallow. A massive thanks goes out to Steve from the Leeds store Paper Scissors Stone for doing the interview and letting me feature it on the blog.

The brand has just had its first full season. What made you set up the brand, and did you have any worries about the current economic climate?
We did it to see if it was possible really. When we first started people literally said that you can’t make jeans in the UK, just go to Turkey. We weren’t at all phased by that kind of chat (as demoralizing as it can be) which led us to finally meet the kind and lovely people who we now work with.

We weren’t really worried about the economy but we did think ‘if we can make it work now, then when things pick up we might be alright.’ There are so many other things to worry about at the moment.

What background do you both have in the industry before you set up the brand?
Martin designed some T-shirts for Silas back in the day and the Silas logo was his handy work too. I freelance as a fashion stylist and lecture on a Fashion course. Although I teach Cultural Studies not fashion… does that still count?

Your products are expertly crafted here in England, please tell us more about this?
Thank you for saying so. We have been very lucky to have found the crafts folk that we have. They are wonderful people who have small operations, often cottage industry… literally. The guy that weaves our labels works from a 14th Century cottage near Stone Henge. We choose him because he is called Unicorn.

You are using Japanese denim, what makes this so special and what can our customers expect?
Japan has a rich heritage when it comes to denim weaving and dying. And although heritage is important we were looking for quality and depth.
 We found a great mill with lovely people and loved the intense colour of the denim. They traditionally used the dyes to dye kimonos… we liked that too.

Where do you get your design inspiration from?
Martin gets his from the Ancient Norse God Odin. The Apocalypse was inspiration last season and evolution and time dilation are also on the list.

Do you think denim jeans will continue to be your main focus as the brand progresses?
Denim? Definitely. We like denim.

What aspirations do you have for the brand?
Hmmm, that’s a tricky one. We hope that, over time, people will see how we as people/brand are evolving. The collection is slowly expanding. We aren’t in a hurry. We want people to love Fallow’s quality, care, courage, kittens, carrots and crop circles as much as we do.

In three words sum up the brand.
Ars gratia artis.

Fallow’s denim is available from Paper Scissors Stone. For more information on the brand visit their website here: Fallow Denim.

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