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The Vintage Showroom

April 5, 2011

The Vintage Showroom is based on Earlam Street, in London’s Covent Garden. It’s a shop that I always pop into for a look if I’m in the area, and considering I work a five minute walk away, that’s fairly often.

The shop opened back in May 2009, and prior to housing clothing was formerly an Ironmongers and a hardware shop. Since the guys opened though, the space has been transformed into a trove of vintage clothing, accessories and ephemera – indeed there’s always plenty of interesting bits and pieces on show and for sale, often meaning that even when you plan to just pop in for a couple of minutes you’ll be there for a good half an hour or so!

In terms of actual stock, there’s plenty to take your time looking through, with everything from small accessories through to footwear, shirting, trousers, denim and outerwear catered for – you won’t be finding over-washed band T-shirts with fag burns in them anytime soon, it’s much more considered than that. As you nearly always find with vintage shops the shelves take some going through but unlike many, it’s never long before you find something interesting.

The last time I was in (about three days ago) they had some beautiful old military jackets in great condition (none of which were my size unfortunately) and there’s a good amount of old wax jackets, with Belstaff and Barbour always in attendance. In fact, the outerwear selection is nearly always great – loads to go through but almost every item a gem. The only real problem is a lack of sizing – as you always find with vintage, you get what you’re given. At least it stops regular impulse purchases so not all bad I suppose, if a little frustrating sometimes.

As well as all of the vintage pieces that are stocked, the store also his its own small, eponymous clothing line, consisting of vintage inspired pieces. So if you don’t fancy something old, or that’s been worn by someone else then you can still find something for you, and you can also get garments in your size too.

In addition to the shop there’s an actual ‘vintage showroom’. Based out near Ladbroke Grove in West London, this is a proper showroom and the collection of vintage clothing is constantly added to and updated. The space is a brilliant source of ideas and inspiration, with everything housed here available to hire, or if your pockets are deep enough to purchase.

Available to view by appointment only, The Vintage Showroom is a brilliant reference and inspiration resource, with this and the shop complimenting each other perfectly. For more information on the company go to their website here: The Vintage Showroom.

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  1. james permalink
    April 6, 2011 9:09 pm

    I love this place too and am also in it all the time, ben going in since it first opened and have been lucky enough to buy loads of stuff from them.

  2. April 18, 2011 2:49 am

    My kinda spot!

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