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Norse Projects Spring/Summer 2011 collection

February 14, 2011

Time for a bit more of Spring/Summer clothing on the blog today. This collection comes courtesy of Denmark’s Norse Projects, a brand that’s always good for well thought out basic items and one that’s also been doing some rather decent collaborations recently too, with the Oi Polloi parka (here) and the quilted jacket range with Lavenham (here) both springing to mind.

There’s still plenty of what they’re known for – the nautical stripes that have become a trademark of the brand are still present but have been updated. The guys have been experimenting with differing thickness of stripes and also their positioning to add more interest to the garments. There’s plenty of nice shirting, some great outerwear -with the Elka wax jacket making another appearance – and some nice shorter pieces, with that slate blue anorak standing out for one (and the yellow version’s decent too).

It’s not all sticking to the basics though, this season also contains some more tailored pieces as well as knitwear, a few different style of shorts, chinos (really like the khaki’s with the thigh pocket) and everyone’s staple piece of legwear, Jeans. Add in a smattering of hats and you’ve got this seasons collection. And nice it is too – full of great details that keep the pieces simple but at the same time make them feel more than just basics.

For more information on the brand, go here: Norse Projects.

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  1. February 17, 2011 9:57 pm

    very much into it, some of it’s probably not quite my thing but the majority gets mega thumb up

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