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Tender Woad soap

January 21, 2011

When I got my Tender Jeans before Christmas, I also received a bar of the new pure Vetiver & Woad Oil soap that William’s making. Now I’m not going to get all Men’s grooming tips on here but let’s face it, you need to wash, so you’ve got to use something and maybe it’s worth being a bit more proactive than just using what the other half buys?

So with that in mind, on to the soap. Vetiver is normally only used as a perfumery bass note, coming comes from an Indonesian grass root. It’s not something that’s ever really used as a fragrance on its own, but as Tender do things differently it’s been used here as the fragrance of this soap. The bar itself is made from cold-pressed woad oil (which is the plant you get natural indigo from) so even though you wouldn’t expect a denim maker to be producing bars of soap, in this instance it makes perfect sense.

It would be fair to say that it’s got a pretty unique smell, it’s really woody and dark, quite peaty and smoky but it develops and changes on the skin to a lighter cedar or scent. Also, because it’s very high in fatty acids, woad oil’s meant to be an excellent skin moisturizer (ooh I can keep my hand lovely & soft too, perfect).

The bars are hand made and cut in Norfolk, England and all of them have the Tender logo hand embossed into them, they’re uncolored and come wrapped in waxed paper and card and are then further packed in a hand-made selvedge calico bag with a drawstring and uses a single kick-pressed copper dome Universal rivet, the same type that feature on their jeans.

For more information, or to find a stockist, check out the website here: Tender.

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  1. January 21, 2011 6:07 pm

    well i’m sold on the design alone, even before the smell. i do like a bit of soap it has to be said

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