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Outlier Storm King Parka‏ jacket

January 14, 2011

The guys from Outlier are back again with yet another highly functional garment, this time in the form of this decent looking piece of outerwear.

The Storm King Parka‏ jacket is made from Supermarine Cotton, a highly water resistant yet extremely breathable fabric, made from the longest Egyptian staple cotton there is. It’s an old World War II fabric that Outlier have updated to produce this highly technical jacket – the guys themselves considering it “the most comfortable and wearable rainy day fabric around”.

Further than that, they consider the Storm King to be “a full spectrum rethinking of the rain jacket” and it’s one they’ve obviously spent a huge amount of time working on. It also marks the launch of their larger Supermarine Cotton collection – it’s a range that will include not only outerwear but also shirts, caps and shoes and I’m looking forward to seeing more of this soon.

The four way construction of the body and full zip sleeves help to give the jacket both great freedom of movement and also exceptional ventilation, whilst keeping it lightweight. It’s also unlined, which makes it great for laying over knitwear when it’s cold, but also meaning it’s cool enough to be used when the weather is warm and wet (so like London at the moment then).

Fastening is via a two-way Riri Aquazip and there’s also a pair of large envelope pockets, the aforementioned zip sleeves, which also benefit from having adjustable cuffs, half pit zips and a full view hood. Finally the jacket is available in three colourways – red, anthracite and black.

For more information on the brand, or to buy the jacket online, visit their website here: Outlier.

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