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January 5, 2011

Hasso are a Colombian based company started up in March of last year by Andres Niño and Nicholas Hurtado. I’d heard about them a while back but last week I actually got to have a proper look at one of their bags and was very impressed with it.

The brand makes a mix of accessories, including the before mentioned bags and also laptop sleeves and cases. The products are all made in Bogotá, Colombia by master artisans and it clearly shows when you have them in your hands.

Available in a number of different colours and materials the BPEX backpack is the piece they seem to be getting most recognition for. It’s easy to see why too – firstly that build quality is superb but the shape and style of the thing makes for a good looking piece of luggage.

Featuring a large main section (with loads of room inside and a padded laptop compartment) that zips at the top and also a pair of side pockets and a front pocket that zips at both the top and the front, you’re not going to run out of space to put stuff – well you could, but you’d have to be carting a lot of gear about to get these anywhere near full, so voluminous are they.

I think the all black version works really well with the white stitching (very NBHD) but for me it’s the green nylon with tan leather that’s the best of the bunch (which is the one I saw) – great looking but very simple, hard wearing and certainly built to last, it’ll look as good in a decade as it does now. These along with a few other brands really are making me re-think my rejection of the rucksack.

For more information on the brand, have a look at their website here, if you fancy one of these backpacks they’re available from Unconventional here.

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