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Albam’s festive accessories

December 21, 2010

There’s not been anything remotely festive on here so far, mainly because I’m a miserable sod and find Christmas a bit of a pain (like I said, I’m a miserable sod). Anyway that’s not to say that I won’t occasionally partake in a bit of festive dress and I am a fan of the Christmas jumper (the more awful the better).

If you fancy wearing something a bit festive but a jersey is too much, then how about a decent accessory? The boys at Albam released these festive inspired hats and scarves a while back, so if you fancy something like this yourself, or as a gift then you need look no further.

All of these items are made in Scotland from 100% wool and look great with the simple snowflake pattern that adorns them. There are three colours available but for me the dark red’s my favorite, it is Christmas after all so a bit of red’s always good. However if that’s not you’re thing then maybe the light grey or the charcoal is more suited?

These are available now from all of Albam’s stores, of if you fancy getting them via mailorder you can buy them here: Albam festive accessories.

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