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What I want – Trickers x The Bureau Cordovan Super shoe

November 22, 2010

Here’s yet another cracking pair of Trickers that I’ve been looking longingly at. This time the Northampton based company have produced a range of specially made-to-order shoes and boots for The Bureau in Belfast and this, the ‘Super shoe’ is part of that range.

The Kendal upper is made from orange Shell Cordovan and the shoes are simple in construction, certainly striking looking and are no doubt as hard wearing as you’ll get from a piece of leather footwear.

The shoes also feature a double leather sole (which makes them slightly taller than usual) in a natural finish with the simple ‘Made in England’ stamp on the bottom. As you’d expect from a shoe of this quality, they’re Goodyear welted to make sure resoling is a simple task and with a bit of care the shoes will last you a lifetime. They’ve also chucked in a couple of sets of brown laces, which if you go through laces like I do, is never a bad thing.

With them being Cordovan they’re far from cheap though, well they’re really expensive in all honesty. Real quality’s never cheap though and you’re paying for hand made shoes in premium materials at the end of the day. Plus you’re not wearing these for just a year or so, you’re wearing them for life.

If you fancy a pair yourself they’re available here: Trickers x The Bureau Super shoe.

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  1. smartypants123 permalink
    November 21, 2010 6:51 pm

    Now they’re a cracking looking shoe, I’ll say that. BUT they’re 550 bloody quid! You have to admit that’s a massive wallop of cash for a pair of shoes. I get that they’d last forever but so would normal Trickers for half the price. Although I guess that’s the price you pay for Shell Cordovan.

  2. james permalink
    November 22, 2010 9:25 am

    Love the shoes, don’t love the price tag, hope they end up in the sales.

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