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Oki-Ni STYLED by Glenn Kitson

November 11, 2010

Oki-N are back with the sixth installment of their ‘STYLED’ series, this time with the styling coming from Glenn Kitson. The idea behind this series is to bring together like-minded people will can present their own unique looks, which are made up of the brands Oki-Ni stocks.

If the name sounds familiar it’s because Glenn is one of the guys behind The Rig Out magazine (the third edition of which I featured here). In addition to the magazine, Mr. Kitson also keeps himself busy working with brands like 6876 and Penfield amongst others.

Below are some of the shots styled by him:

As he says on Oki-NI’s site: “Whenever I take on board a job I try and make it as natural as possible, while I understand the concept of fashion for fashion’s sake, I don’t really like anything too contrived. It’s not about finding the lowest common denominator either. It’s just got to feel right”.

There’s a big mix of brands here with the likes of Kolor, Folk, Levi’s, New Balance, J.W Anderson, Veja, ARN Mercantile, Burkman Brothers, Nom De Guerre, ACNE and Stone Island, plus many more being used. I think it all looks wicked. Nice one that man.

To see more images and to also check out previous STYLED contributors go to the website here: Oki-Ni STYLED.

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  1. marvin100 permalink
    November 12, 2010 3:09 pm

    no offence to ‘stylists’ as i imagine them to be similar to ‘portfolio managers’ but seriously it looks like the random assignment of clothes from a bag

    however i guess when you only have oki-ni’s output to go by its only ever going to look like a guy who got the best bits from the bin bag and left the rest outside SCOPE

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