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What I want – Mark McNairy x DQM longwings

August 13, 2010

More shoes, but at least shoes with a bit of a difference. I’m still on the fence with formal shoes having casual soles (the old man would have a fit), but I do accept that they can look pretty damn good when done well. Personally I think these fit into that category.

They’re from everyone’s current favorite shoemaker Mark McNairy, as part of a collaboration with Manhattan’s finest, Dave’s Quality Meat (yes I know he’s been collaborating with what seems like everyone of late). The DQM guys are well known for their trainer collaborations but it’s nice to see them doing something with formal shoes. So what they’ve done is taken a long wing brogue, make it in navy blue suede and added a chunky crepe sole to it.

They’re not exactly out of the ordinary but I love the way the crepe balances with the uppers. The dark coloured suede still keeps the shoe fairly formal and adds to its versatility – it’s such a nice shade of inky blue that I think it would work with pretty much anything.

At first I thought the sole was too thick, as towards the toe it’s easily double the thickness of a normal leather one. Now I’ve come round to it though I think they work well, plus they’re welted so once the crepe wears down you can put a leather sole on them and try that for a while if you wanted to.

For more info or to get yourself a pair go here: DQM Long wings.

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  1. August 24, 2010 3:20 pm

    Agreed. Also on my list. I enjoy your blog, keep up the nice work.

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