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A quick look – D.S. Dundee Autumn/Winter 2010

March 22, 2010

East London based menswear brand, D.S.Dundee’s Autumn/Winter 2010 collection came to light last week and I’ve spent a couple of days looking over the images, thinking about what they’re doing later on this year and I think I like this collection on the whole.

I’m certain I really like the styling that’s been done to highlight it anyway. Everything has a very Scottish/Northern borders feel to it, which in turn gives it that lovely old fashioned feel to everything. I grew up seeing this look on the old farmers that worked around where I lived, or my doctor who was always in a full tweed suit with red shirt and socks, so there’s a nostalgia there that gives me a warm fuzzy feeling. I’m not sure that sells things to a younger, urban market though.

My dad dresses like this and some of the pieces would suit him down to the ground, but I’m not sure about myself. There are however some real stand out pieces for me – nearly all of the outerwear looks great, especially the grey hunting jacket in the last round of photo’s, the first jacket you see is also rather nice too.

There’s good use of Harris Tweed through the collection  (it’s heartwarming to see this fabric back from what was looking like extinction not too long ago). A lot of the trousers look interesting and I can’t wait to see the knitwear in the flesh (so to speak).

To find out more about the brand go here: D.S. Dundee.

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