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The old man’s boots

February 17, 2010

As we’ve already established, I like footwear. I’ve got what could probably in all honesty be termed a ‘fetish’. I’d never done shoes though until recently, it’s always been an entirely casual based obsession.

That’s changed now though. The reason? A trip home to see the folks a few months ago of all things, or more specifically the market boots my old man was wearing – boots he had made for him in 1974 and has worn pretty much every day since. These boots are stunning, a light tan that are scuffed, stained, creased and just absolutely beautiful in every way. Re-soled over and over again, loved but not cosseted. They also fit me perfectly… But there’s no way he’s going to let them go, that’s been made perfectly clear.

I did give them a quick try on (whilst wearing some dark indigo jeans and a red/blue check shirt) and they looked great, just instantly working with the rest of the outfit. I get the feeling that such is the beauty of them that they’ll work with anything. The old man was wearing green moleskin trousers, a country check shirt (yellow and blue check on a cream base), a gold tie with blue accents and a grey jumper – again the boots worked a treat, complimenting the shirt and tie and lifting the heavy green/grey base.

It really made me think about tan shoes/boots specifically but also the prospect of wearing shoes day-to-day in general, something I’d never previously considered. I did covert a pair of grey shoes from Cos last season but in the end decided against them and bought my grey Common Projects Tournaments instead.

Now though I’m immersing myself in the world of formal footwear (as you may have noticed). I’ve already spent about an hour on John Lobb’s web site looking at their ‘Staveley’s’ (which I will almost certainly purchase). I’m also now regretting not buying Common Projects beautiful dress shoe when I had chance. I’ve made up for that now though with my Maison Martin Margiela Oxfords.

What I really want are Dad’s old boots, it looks like I’m just going to have to buy a new pair and hope in 30 years they’re as good as his…

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