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Hidden gem – Tailor at The Tannery

February 12, 2010

If you live in North London and you’re a fan of Engineered Garments, Oliver Spencer, Nigel Cabourn or Haversack and don’t have the inclination to travel to the west end or to trek out east, you might be interested in a little gem of a shop in Crouch End called The Tailor at the Tannery. I’d left it off my London shops list because I thought it was worthy of a post of its own.

They’ve been around the area for a few years, based on Park Road – just down from Banners (which is great for grub), Rock Around The Clock, (which is a nice little guitar shop that I frequent often) and Jealous gallery where you can buy some really rather nice art, (all print based – ranging from Miro to Hirst to Blake to Riley and many, many others). In fact if you’ve never been to Crouch End you should as it’s a lovely little place, I’ve been a local for a few years now at love it up here. Plus Simon Pegg drinks in my local, ooooh…

Anyhow, back to The Tailor at the Tannery. This is a great little shop, one that many probably don’t know about but should. Alan who owns it really knows his stuff and buys in a great selection of clothes. He’s been stocking EG and Cabourn before many others cottoned on to it and is starting to get stock of other obscure brands that are bound to take off soon. This is the place I bought my Cabourn jumper a couple of weeks ago when I’d only popped out to get some bananas and a paper. All I did was go in for a chat!

Their new site’s under construction at the moment but in the mean time here’s the old one: Tailor at The Tannery If you’re in the area they’re well worth a moment of your time.

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