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This months reading

January 8, 2010

If there’s one thing I consume and hoard more than anything else, it’s magazines. I just love them, all that printed matter, words and pictures, great. The main reason though is because I think they’re such a fantastic reference point and creative resource.

I honestly like nothing more than spending a Sunday afternoon searching through old mags for images that inspire me – a decade worth of some and others that are only a few issues old – all ready to show me something that will set off a new way of thinking about clothes, or what I’m working on, or a band I’d missed, or one I hadn’t heard of yet, or something for around the home… Just going over them again finding the things that you’ve kept them for but also discovering things you’ve missed or glossed over.

With the advent of the internet, image sourcing, referencing and collecting has become easier than ever before but it misses something that magazines are so good for – if you just collect pictures you like off the internet then in the years that follow you’re left with images of the things you liked at a certain point in time. The great thing about magazines is that they’re also full of things that you might like in the future. They’re full of so many different references, all of which could spark a new idea of some sort. Obviously books allow this too but magazines are relatively fast moving and consumer based – snapshots in time updated month after month – this is what makes them so good and this in turn is why I basically collect them.

This months reading:

From top: Apartmento, Monocle, Inventory, Wallpaper*, Mark, Man About Town, Fantastic Man and Another Man. To have a quick look at what they’re about check the links are on the right.

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